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Chrysocolla Natural Nomad Necklace - Gold

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This short necklace is a captivating embodiment of free-spirited charm and natural beauty. The mesmerizing Chrysocolla gemstone, with its enchanting teal hues, mirrors the tranquility of untouched landscapes and the depths of serene waters. The delicate gold accents add a touch of warmth and radiance, symbolizing the golden rays of the sun that guide your nomadic journey. Wear this necklace as a reminder to embrace the adventurous spirit within you and to seek solace in the embrace of nature. Whether you're exploring new horizons or simply seeking a touch of bohemian elegance in your everyday life, the Chrysocolla Natural Nomad Necklace will be your companion, capturing the essence of your wandering soul. Let it inspire you to follow your heart's desires and to live a life of untamed freedom and boundless curiosity.


Length of the Chain Length of Extension Chain Base Metal Plating Leather Stone Name Stone Size Clasp Type
14 3 Brass Gold N/A Chrysocolla 6mm Lobster