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The Filosophy Manifesto


We are the rebels, the nomads, the free-spirits,  the ones who do it differently.  
We live outside the perfectly structured boxes of society, 
designed to keep us the same,
designed to keep us tame.
We prefer to carve our path and leave a trail, rather than follow someone else’s and get lost.
We ask ourselves the difficult question, 
what brings me joy?
Consumed with the daily grind, most people never take the time to figure this out.

but we are not most people.

We are the risk-takers, the dreamers, and the adventurers who want an extraordinary life.
We are willing to live outside our comfort zone to create one.
Because we don’t want to play it safe.
We believe that life’s ups and downs are happening for us, not to us, so when challenges arise, we view them as a game we play or as an opportunity to challenge ourselves to do something new. 
 This kind of faith gives us the courage to take risks.
Even when we are scared, and even we can’t see around the corner, we go for what we want.
We want the joy of experiencing life’s unexpected miracles.
Filosophy was that kind of miracle for us.
We want to inspire you to be fully expressed in who you are and to shine your authentic self to the world.
When you feel free to be so honest with yourself it scares you, you will create a vibrant life 
worth living.
Our goal is not big profits at all costs, rather it’s to build a community, to support our artisans, and to teach our employees how to create an alternative lifestyle.  
We have kept things small on purpose.  We don’t want a big corporate structure or to manage large teams of people.  

We want to make our work our play.

We love the satisfaction of mentoring young employees to help them see they can design a life they love. 
It’s the joy of bringing an idea to life in our huge design studio, bursting with raw materials, that makes me unimaginably happy.  Creating things is my greatest passion.
I love the challenge of designing clothes that represent a free-spirited woman who wants something different, fun, sexy, and comfortable.  This delights me.

This might all might sound weird, but just so you know... I am weird and I assume if you are still might be weird too.  

But it’s people like us who can change the world.  By building a life, and not just a living, we can lead the way for others to be happy too.
If any of this resonates with you, join us on this journey.
Have a look at our blog, and see if what we have is made for you.  Send us a love note and say hello!  We read every single one. I promise.
Remember, we are in this together.