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The Filosophy Story

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When your mom is a rebel, life is anything but normal. 

 My mom was the original rebel. In our home, defying the norms of society was normal (and expected). The day she turned 21, she set out on a nine-year European journey that would change her life, change the way she viewed the world, and changed the way she would parent. The gist of her message was consistent. Do what makes you happy - answer to no one - and for God’s sake...TRAVEL! 

 It wasn’t her advice that influenced me - it was witnessing her life. This bold, brave woman inspired me to live free, take adventures, and carve out my path. Indeed, this concept has become the soul of Filosophy. 

 It was my low-slung blouse and the scolding from my boss that changed everything. I decided that day to quit my job as a family therapist and move to Thailand for a year. I was simply fed up listening to someone tell me how to dress, how much I was worth, and how best to spend my time. I wanted to push the “reset” button and start over with a different plan. 

 The pace of my life had become unmanageable. I felt out of control. I had no time to reflect. I was ready for change but had no idea it would change me forever. 

 Have you ever wanted to travel for a year and just be free?  

 Travelling wasn’t new to me, but living in a community of such authentic people was. They had achieved a life of unbridled freedom. There were no alarm clocks. There were no 30-minute lunch breaks. And there were no itchy dress pants. I met spiritual nomads and freethinkers who were living alternative lifestyles. They were truly happy living outside the norms of society. They weren’t following someone else’s agenda - they created their own agenda by swapping their material possessions for “real wealth” - the wealth of time freedom. 

 I wanted to bring that feeling of freedom home with me. 

 Filosophy was born in 2009, the year I lived in Thailand. I spent the entire year enjoying life and wondering how I could design a life that I would love. I learned yoga, sang Kirtan, cleansed my colon, and fasted. I took long lunches with friends and had wild ecstatic dances with strangers. I studied everything from Ayurveda to Tantra to Daoism to Buddhism. I wanted to learn what it means to be human, and I wanted to discover why we are here. 

 What did I learn? It’s about having experiences. Whenever I found a special treasure along my journey, I felt excited and alive. I wanted to recreate that thrill of unique discovery for my friends back home. I brought back amazing, one-of-a-kind, handmade treasures, very much like the ones I had found on my journey. Well, my friends went wild, and that’s when we knew we had something special. The treasures were special because they embodied the lives and stories and love behind each one. 

I created Filosophy to inspire people to be authentic inside and out and to do what they love. I wanted to create and curate fashion for the Bohemian lifestyle and to support the hundreds of artisans that I met along the way. We all traded our careers in for a life of travel, adventure, and treasure hunting, and we haven’t looked back since. 

 Filosophy helps others to find their freedom. 

 As our company grows, we have the opportunity to inspire young entrepreneurs who work with us to find their own path. We teach them how to build a lifestyle business that affords them time to travel and explore the world. We encourage their dreams and help them to see that anything is possible. Our motto is based on my personal experiences - do what makes you happy - don’t answer to anyone - and for God’s sake...TRAVEL!!