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Australian Opal Organic Glam Necklace

Designer: Filosophy

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The opal pendant is delicately wrapped in a gold setting, enhancing its radiance and adding a touch of glamour. The organic design of the necklace reflects the natural forms found in the world, creating a sense of harmony and balance. To elevate the elegance further, the necklace is adorned with crystal accents that add a sparkling touch, capturing the light and creating a captivating effect.

Wearing the Australian Opal Organic Glam Necklace not only enhances your style but also carries the energy of the opal. Australian Opal is revered for its metaphysical properties, including emotional healing, creativity, and inspiration. It is believed to bring a sense of calmness and tranquility, promoting inner harmony and spiritual growth.


Model Number Length of the Chain Plating Stone Name Stone Size Clasp Type
N17 12 Antique Gold
Australian Opal Pota (Bottom Stone)
6mm Bead size