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Chrysocolla Serendipity Necklace

Designer: Filosophy

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This medium-length necklace is a captivating embodiment of unexpected discoveries and joyful moments. The mesmerizing Chrysocolla gemstone, with its enchanting teal hues, mirrors the tranquility of serene waters and the sense of serendipity that comes with unexpected encounters. The delicate gold accents add a touch of radiance, symbolizing the golden opportunities that arise when least expected. Wear this necklace and let it serve as a reminder to embrace the beauty of serendipity and to find joy in life's delightful surprises. Whether you're attending a social gathering or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, the Chrysocolla Serendipity Necklace will elevate your style and captivate the hearts of those around you. Embrace the magic of serendipity and let your unique journey unfold with this captivating necklace, a symbol of your openness to life's delightful twists and turns.

Length of the Chain Length of Extension Chain Base Metal Plating Leather Stone Name Stone Size Clasp Type
22" N/A Brass Gold Leather & 5mm Chain Chrysocolla 20mm x25mm Lobster