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Aqua Chalcedony Gypsy Glam Bracelet

Designer: Filosophy

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Ignite your inner gypsy spirit with the Aqua Chalcedony Gypsy Glam Bracelet, a mesmerizing connector bracelet that exudes bohemian charm and alluring elegance. This bracelet features enchanting aqua chalcedony gemstones in a serene shade of green, symbolizing the healing and soothing energy of nature. The gemstones are carefully threaded together with a matte gold chain, adding a touch of rustic glamour and capturing the essence of free-spirited wanderlust. The design of the bracelet is inspired by the nomadic lifestyle, evoking a sense of adventure and the joy of embracing the unknown. As you wear this bracelet, feel a deep connection to your gypsy soul, as if you're embodying the carefree spirit of exploration and embracing the magic of life's journey. Let the Aqua Chalcedony Gypsy Glam Bracelet be a symbol of your unique style, your love for adventure, and your desire to live life on your own terms. Wear it as a reminder to follow your intuition, to trust in the universe's guidance, and to embrace the beauty of every moment. Let its captivating beauty grace your wrist, inspiring you to wander, dream, and create your own path wherever you go.

Length Base Metal Plating Stone Name Stone Size Clasp Type
7.5" + 1.5" Brass Gold Aqua Chalcedony 12mmx 10mm S Hook